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1932 Ford Hot Rod History On Wheels

200mph 1932 Ford Hot Rod: History On Wheels

They say that the real car one that outlive their owners. Such was story about this Ford model that is almost old a century ,and continues to be run with much younger models.

Car collectors are not too crazy about the so-called “hot rod” models because they are not completely original, and thus their value is questionable. But this Ford 1932 is certainly no exception.

It not only looks great, thanks to its unique processing, but is also quite fast. To him would be at maximum speed, which is 200 mph, envy and many of today’s supercars.

Ford -Hot Rod

For this look and performance of the Ford is credited with its first owner who maintained and kept until 2005 when he died. The second owner it has taken and still held it in perfect condition.

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