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1953 Maserati A6 GCS won at Goodwood

If you think you have already decided what is in your most beautiful sports car of all time, look at this model, think again …

Maserati A6 CGS from the 1953 year is the kind of car that you were lucky enough to HAVE, so to him of attention to, to make you forget everything else.

Incredible design that came less than a decade after the war finished, while other manufacturers continue to recycle old models that they made back in the thirties, added to the impression that the car leaves.

Probably when he made ​​seemed far ahead of their time, and while today it is not the case, you can not stay cold at the sight lines that this car has.

The car was designed by,who else, Pininfarina normally , and powered by 2.0 with something less than 120hp.

We can show you a few photos and video  but you will be more than enough …

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