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2016 Audi R8 on the track

Audi has decided to keep the atmospheric engine when it comes to the upcoming R8 supercar, a model that is almost observed the test on the track in Germany, with a V10 engine …

It was also announced that they will be drastically easier and certainly better in every respect, except perhaps in management, which is not strange that everything is worse in new cars in terms of enjoyment and in general “participation” in the same driver.

The video that you can see coming from TouriClipsa. You will enjoy the sound, since you’ve already had the opportunity to see the R8 model and its interior in the photos that we have already published.

Although we believe that the R8 will come with engines without turbocharger, nothing prevents Audi to add one later in the production, which is even very possible with respect to the last hottest newcomer in the automotive industry.

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