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Ford Will Unleash 750 Horsepower In 2016 SVT Mustang

2016 Ford SVT Mustang

I think it’s time for some spinning of rumors and keep the horsepower war flames from the exhaust pipes of American Muscle cars.

Today we put a spin on rumors that the 2016 Ford Mustang SVT, GT500 or GT350 will get about 750 horsepower to triumph Dodge feat with 707 horsepower Challenger SRT Hellcat.

Where in the world that we have come to these things?

Glad you asked. Not that we have confidence in the mainstream media.

Belief is great news networks can get us all in trouble, as you earlier.

But … CNN mentioned that the Ford rep told them that in the next SVT Mustang has “more power than the Hellcat.” Yes, mighty strong words there.

2016 Mustang Svt

In the case of “having more power than the Hellcat”, we can draw the assumption that the SVT Mustang, or whatever will be dubbed producing high performance versions of the Mustang, will have a stoner version of the 5.8-liter engine Trinity that we enjoy in the form of 662 hp – only it will probably get something like 750 horsepower stuffed in relatively light 3,500 lb package.

As far as price goes, we can guess some of the opportunity $ 70,000, probably hair larger than the Hellcat can go for.


Only time will tell. We’ll be sure to update this rumor as “other” information leaks out.

It’s a Mustang and cats fighting men, who will win?

Video source: Mustang6G

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