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A Direct Crash Between Infiniti FX and BMW X3

After watching this video, you will pay extra attention to the slippery roads …

No matter if your car is FWD, RWD or AWD, when speed is not adapted to conditions on the road, the chances are that will not end well. How we see from the video below, the Infiniti FX was moving much faster than it should.

Fortunately there were no serious injuries, especially when you take into account the intensity of crash


According to the description of the video, besides Infiniti FX and BMW X3 , another two have suffered damage, as well as a car that recorded the incident. The crash was so strong that the X3 flew back 20 meters.

What is particularly surprising is, that if you look good on the wheels of FX’s,
stand such that the driver did not even try to avoid a crash. At the beginning the car turns slightly to the right, but also that skidded and went too fast, the wheels should stand facing the opposite direction of the crash, is not it?

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