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Alfa Romeo 4C crashed into hay

The second day of the Goodwood Festival of Speed​​, presented many novelties of LaFerraija, 918 Spyder model, Pagani Huayra and they all ride on the estate of Lord March’s …

Alfa Romeo 4C was one of the participants who most eagerly expecting to see.

This car is a nice, balanced, fast and far more affordable than other models that have appeared there.

The only mistake that was made ​​in his Alfa impression is that the driver failed to do better for your car.

Alfa Romeo 4C is the only car that had an accident during the second day of the festival, and bales of hay are in luck were there to prevent more damage to the vehicle.

All the car passed uninjured, although the damage to the vehicle is evident, and the hood is opened.

See for yourself what it looked like.

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