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Bmw I8

BMW outsmarted Audi with laser headlights

BMW outsmarted Audi with laser headlights

Drivers of “i8” new model of BMW, will first hit the road “armed” with laser headlights.

The exclusive ceremony in Munich, 8 first lucky people they got their keys “i8” and that BMW became the first car Producers vehicle that breathes with lasers.

BMW announced that it will do in August, but after the “Audi“, “threatened” that the special edition “R 8 LMH” will come out on the roads already in the first days of summer, their rivals rushed with laser technology.

BMW says that in comparison with LED headlamps, laser will consume 30 percent less energy and significantly better to illuminate the road.

If used for long lights, laser lighting technology enables the way up to 600 meters ahead of the vehicle, which is twice more than the long reach of LED lights.

In addition, laser headlights will not dazzle drivers with their cars coming in eve as a separate system that works with the front camera to control the light beam.

In addition to being more energy efficient and more powerful, laser headlights are ten times smaller than the standard which means that require significantly less space for installation.

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