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Camaro Z/28 VS Nissan GT-R

Camaro Z/28 VS Nissan GT-R

This is a duel that nobody would expect to see a few years ago.

Can Camaro  to oppose one GT-R?

Head2Head team decided to check into faced new 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 and 2014 Nissan GT-R Track Edition.

These two cars are very different characters.

The Camaro has rear wheel drive and an atmospheric 7.0 V8 engine with 505hp, while the GT-R has all-wheel drive, twin-turbo 3.8 V6 engine with 545hp.

That’s not the only difference. Camaro of 76,000 dollars, a six-speed manual transmission, while the GT-R with $ 116 000 has a engine connected to a six-speed transmission with double clutch.

On the video, both cars driven by Jonny Lieberman, the first roads, then it takes on Randy Pobst part video that shows them the path Barber Motorsports Park.

See for yourself to see which is faster on the track, but we will tell you in advance that funny little difference, especially when you take into account the difference in price.

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