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Top 5 of the World’s Fastest Legal Cars

These cars are produced in series and have the permission to use them on the road Automobile manufacturers are not tired of offering rockets on wheels, and people will never stop buying them. That’s why we suggest you see the 5 fastest cars on the planet that are produced in several units and have the …

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The Cadillac Of The Time When The Cars Were Art

For Eldorado Brougham of 1952 today they want $ 225,000 The 50s are considered the golden age of American cars: powerful V8 engines, revolutionary luxury and comfort, and magnificent “fins” at the rear were the norm. A key role in the era when the cars in the US were big, glamorous and with status, plays …

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Hidden Treasure – Barnyard 1938 Bugatti Type 57C Atalante

The term Barnyard car is a reference to old and sometimes collectable cars that have been found in a barn, usually these sort of stories are often heard whilst having a few beers at the bar and are often disregarded as old wives tales. However, this is not true and periodically old cars do get discovered, either locked up in a barn, …

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This Is What A $563,000 Car Key Looks Like!

For those super-rich people of this world, the idea of separation from all others has a great significance… This is one of the reasons why they buy cars with ultra-limited edition prices up to several million dollars without much thought. Then, there are those who want their cars to be perfectly unique, hence engaging personalization …

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