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The Cadillac Of The Time When The Cars Were Art

For Eldorado Brougham of 1952 today they want $ 225,000 The 50s are considered the golden age of American cars: powerful V8 engines, revolutionary luxury and comfort, and magnificent “fins” at the rear were the norm. A key role in the era when the cars in the US were big, glamorous and with status, plays …

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Hidden Treasure – Barnyard 1938 Bugatti Type 57C Atalante

The term Barnyard car is a reference to old and sometimes collectable cars that have been found in a barn, usually these sort of stories are often heard whilst having a few beers at the bar and are often disregarded as old wives tales. However, this is not true and periodically old cars do get discovered, either locked up in a barn, …

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This Is What A $563,000 Car Key Looks Like!

For those super-rich people of this world, the idea of separation from all others has a great significance… This is one of the reasons why they buy cars with ultra-limited edition prices up to several million dollars without much thought. Then, there are those who want their cars to be perfectly unique, hence engaging personalization …

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Keanu Reeves and His Love Of Motorcycles

The popular actor is the owner of the factory in which creates some of the most beautiful motorcycles in the world … When we talk about Hollywood actors from A list, Keanu Reeves is one of the most famous and most popular actors. However, although one of the great performers, this man lives in a …

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