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Porsche 911 S Martini Racing Editions

Porsche 911 S Martini Racing Editions 1

Of all the promotional tricks, Martini Racing colors are probably the most recognizable motive for enthusiasts … We saw a lot of use of these colors over the years, but the Porsche, with its special “relationship” with Martini, successfully used this motif since the seventies and offers them on their special editions. These are almost …

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Look at Awesome Viper SRT 10 re-designed


Re-designed Viper, which contains new wheels mounted by “Strasse Wheels”, yesterday seemed amazing in its official debut. Miami company has worked with this car Viper SRT 10 and created a completely new style of her with a new set of wheels from Wheels Strasse. 20×10 inch wheels in front and 20×13.5 inches behind containing a …

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Bugatti celebrates its heroes: “Les Légendes de Bugatti”

Les Légendes de Bugatti

Vitesse Bugatti presented a fourth model series – Les Légendes de Bugatti in honor of the Italian sculptor Rembrandt Bugatti. Only three Rembrandt Bugatti cars will be made​​. The most remarkable feature is the horizontal difference in design that separates the upper from the lower color on that car. 8- liter V-16 engine will provide 1,200 …

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BMW outsmarted Audi with laser headlights

Bmw I8

BMW outsmarted Audi with laser headlights Drivers of “i8” new model of BMW, will first hit the road “armed” with laser headlights. The exclusive ceremony in Munich, 8 first lucky people they got their keys “i8” and that BMW became the first car Producers vehicle that breathes with lasers. BMW announced that it will do …

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KIA and Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima Football vs. Futbol - FIFA World Cup

If you do not live in America, definitely the most important sports event in the world is the FIFA Worldcup championship in football This year, the host of this event is Brazil, and Kia is thought that this was a great opportunity for Americans to show what football means to the rest of the planet, …

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How does it look BMW X4?


Although X4 will not like it all, the one we agree with Tom Mutchler from Consumer Report’s, and that is not necessarily … Those who are being “laid” model X4 will want to purchase it, and those who do not like it, you will exchange the other models of the manufacturer. eg Model 3 Series …

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