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2016 CAMARO SS vs. BMW M4

The new Camaro SS is a doubtless far better than the previous model, but whether it’s enough to be able to compete with the best models of Europe, including the BMW M4? On the paper, these two models are side by side in almost all areas, except the price, where M4 costs 81,000 dollars,while the …

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Here’s How Ford makes sure that your new F150 will not freeze

Considering that their cars and trucks used in all types of environments, Ford‘s engineers to make sure that their vehicles will not frozen (literally), when in situations where temperatures are so low that break would mean putting the lives of their owners at risk . They use a low temperature chamber at Eglin Air Force …

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What happens when a car ends up in landfills?

This is what happens with your metal pets when you leave them at the junkyard … Maybe our car-dumps do not have this machine that separates the cars to pieces, but we wanted to show you what happens with some cars, whose fate is to end up on the car dump. Unfortunately, the fate of …

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Bugatti Veyron out of fuel – poured from the balloons

Bugatti Veyron out of fuel – poured from the balloons The owner of the car Bugatti Veyron had the misfortune, that he has run out of fuel in this valuable and ultra-sporty model. The incident occurred in the capital and largest city of Lebanon – Beirut, and passers-by photographed. Fuel indicator in the model of …

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