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Gold Digger Asking for SEX Bugatti PRANK!!!

Social experiment: Gold Digger Asking for sex Bugatti PRANK!!! These pranksters took advantage of the super luxury car that persuaded the girls to have sex in a shocking social experiment. Have you ever wondered whether having one of the most expensive cars in the world can make you more attractive to women? Two US pranksters …

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Hemi Challenger and Lamborghini

We have a new video with classic cars between: Hemi Challenger and Lamborghini What do you think,who is going to win the race Hemi or Lambo See for yourself and enjoy in video below

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Dodge Challenger vs Mercedes GL 63

We have a new video from Dubai, where we will Show you again street racing between Dodge Challenger and Mercedes GL 63 See that the driver at challenger better than the Mercedes driver Good for him for the amazing driving We recommend you to enjoy in video below

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Chevrolet Camaro SS Vs Fiat 126P Turbo

Chevrolet Camaro SS Vs Fiat 126P Turbo Big American sports car against a small polish Fiat 126P with turbo compressor Imagine how it would be to win this race,this strange little car, it would be a great shame for Chevy,maybe it’s win the race,we are not sure who won ,so you can decide who win …

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