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This 1,100HP Old Opel Kadett Is An Audi And BMW Killer!

This Opel Kadett with 1,100 hp represents the real killer brands BMW and Audi. When designing the Opel Kadett, a German car manufacturers engineers certainly did not have 1,100hp beast in mind. Back in 1965, when the second generation of this model placed on the market, Kadett was stylish, simple, well-balanced car with adequate line …

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This Is The One Of The Scariest Bridge In America

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Maryland is considered one of the scariest bridge in America. At nearly 200 feet in height at certain points and 4.3 miles in length. That’s the reason why? For further watch the video below to find out more Source: http://www.buzzspeed.com/news/

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VIDEO: The car chameleon for the movie recording

The universal car that turns into almost all models Blackbird, the name of the car where the main the purpose of the manner of a true stuntman replace expensive cars while shooting movies. As you can see in the attached video, the car is completely modular so that it can adjust its height, width and …

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