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During the finals on TX2K16 Unlimited Class Roll Racing Series, the Nissan GT-R with 1600 HP decided to reflected with the twin-turbo Lamborghini Gallardo of 2000 HP … But he was replaced by Huracan, after 10 years of rule, Gallardo is the legend of motorsports and one of the best cars that have ever made. …

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SKYLINE and the Nürburgring

Over the years, the Nurburgring has took the several lives, destroyed countless cars, but is also made some of the best drivers of all time … To reduce the number of accidents, officials paths have tried to limit the speed of movement on it last year, but some time ago this prohibitions withdrawn. This allowed …

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Mustang Explodes Into Flames,Burns Down

The line of fuel which broke causing this Ford Mustang to caught fire in the unfortunate sequence of events. Drag racing can be very dangerous, and it is a perfect example of how a race car can be destroyed in seconds, so we recommend you always check your car before to perform in such races …

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Mustang GT CRASHES Into Honda

A Mustang GT trying to cross the street thinking that oncoming traffic was stopped. But unfortunately in the opposite side is coming Honda, and Mustang GT Slams Into Honda However, really see who was at fault in this accident Thankfully no serious injuries were reported in this unhappy accident.

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