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Firstly, we do not know where has been recorded this video, but that bothers us,because we think that is not good in front of so many people,and to see older people how coughing from excessive smoke However, you decide, the sound is phenomenal, like any Dodge, but not for this place. See the video below

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Ken Block and BJ Baldwin became heroes doing ridiculous stunts in the streets. With his Gymkhana and twitching series, They conquered the world. From Block drifting through the streets of Los Angeles and Dubai, the BJ crazy in his trophy truck through suburban Tacoma, WA, stunts get crazier every time. We saw the drifting, jumps …

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Terrifying Moment A Corvette Z06 Lost A Wheel At Speed On The Nurburgring

Nürburgring Nordschleife is full of dangers probably you know , and destroys common throughout the 12.9 mile (20.8 km), of course. Taken from the dash cam video, this crazy footage shows the terrifying moment of Chevrolet Corvette Z06 that lose control at high speed, spinning and losing its left wheel before crashing into the obstacle …

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Diablo SV 6.0 And Ferrari 355 Slowly Drifting On Snow Is Pure Magic

Old nineties Supercars are certainly awesome machines to enjoy the ride, or putting them on a snowy road can be tricky. However, on an empty parking lot covered with full of snow, these are machines that have the most to give. Enjoy watching the exclusive Lamborghini Diablo VT 6.0 and Ferrari 355 application and make …

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Dodge Viper – 900hp TWIN TURBO GEN V!

Gen 5 Viper with two turbo!? You don’t believe! The guys over at Calvo motto and Powerhouse races have created a monster from the V10 Dodge Viper! Running Motec M150 ECU and sports twin turbochargers 3795, the Viper is a handful! On a good day, this exhibition will make 900hp – that’s 255 more horsepower …

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Dodge Predators Commercial | Featuring “Fuel” by Metallica

As always, Dodge impressed us with their advertisement and for this we have only praises We had the previous commercials for Dodge and they were all pretty amazing, therefore we recommend you, and this commercial to watch and enjoy the sound that comes out from this monster. If it looks like a monster and sounds …

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