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Ceramic Brakes, Do You Need Them?

Like all car specifications – most of them are personal, especially when it comes to aesthetics. But what about when it comes to performance? Suppose at this point that money is not a variable in this debate – would I be right if I assume that most people would want to give the best possible options for their car?

Keeping this in mind, it is likely that a carbon-ceramic brake will almost certainly emerge on a performing car. Why? Because ultimately they are the better brake. They are lighter – they improve the overall weight of the car, and steering feel. Ceramics almost completely resist fade and usually look better, personal opinion is safe, but nothing fits the point as a good set of ceramics and they are pure engineering porn too. There is a reason why all Ferrari’s are coming with carbon-ceramic brakes these days.

ceramic brakes nissan

So why are you discussing whether you want to have them on your car or not? Well, back to reality for a minute – they cost a lot of money! And this is where it not only comes down to finance but also the way you use the car.

For example, we have a BMW M3 / 4 that is a fast, but versatile car that can be optionally fitted with or without ceramic brakes. Although the price of the ceramics has come down over time, the option on the BMW M3 or M4 is $ 9,000.00. Now, if you are planning to use your M car as a daily driver, with an unusual journey or a weekend blast here and there, the standard brakes will be all right. Certain track days will be fine too as long as you just looking to enjoy your car and do not brake any records.

ceramic brakes bmw

However, if you are looking to elevate your driving to a higher level, you may bet these days and spend more than once or twice a year in the Alps in convoys of a super car bombing it downhill, braking hard at every corner for 100 of miles – ceramics are going to come into their own.

I don’t see that there is a real or wrong answer to that, it is all circumstantial, but if you can afford it, I do not see many reason against and every reason for the best brakes you can have on your car.

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