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Chevrolet Camaro in the ocean

How much to be thoughtless and sports car to descend on the sandy beach and down a jet ski in the water !?

Could you imagine that if someone has a new generation of Chevrolet Camaro,with him coming down on sandy beach and trying to drop the jet ski in the water !?  🙂

Well, obviously there are some, as evidenced by this video from Brazil, near the city of Natal, where the owner the Camaro however overestimated its, but also able a car,and the tide of came far more quickly than is assumed …

camaroThe result is the vocation in the assistance Jeep Liberty that, if at all possible, pull attractive Camaro from the ocean …

Unfortunately, the sand is one of the hardest surface when it comes to “draw”, so that the Liberty remained powerless, “burrowing” with all four wheels, even deeper into the sand.

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