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Dodge Believes That Electric Sports Vehicles Have A Future!

Despite the dedication to the American tradition, Dodge believes that electric sports vehicles also have a future.

Dodge is one of the synonyms for American “muscle cars, its Charger produces “The Holy Trinity” with Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro.

However, modern trends do not go hand in hand with traditional strong SUS motors, primarily due to ecological standards, so most cooperative manufacturers turn to electrification.
To avoid “destruction”, it will have to keep up and make Dodge and its “angry machines” ecologically more acceptable.

At the beginning of the year Dodge announced at Detroit Automobile Fair the opening of a Hybrid Model Manufacturing Factory, and this week it was confirmed.

“I believe in the electric future of these cars – this is not necessarily a bad thing. It can be effective, it can be a hybrid, in any case, I believe that electrification will be crucial to the future of high-performance cars, “said Tim Kuniskis, the director of the FCA, who controls the Dodge brand.

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