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Dodge Dakota in “Pirouette” on highway

Here’s why it’s important to look in mirrors when you like realignment from lane to lane, and more importantly that there is no nervous reactions on slippery roads “recipe” for the accident!

Driving in complex weather conditions, in addition to not tolerate ignorant at the wheel, which requires extreme concentration, that means in any time, you have to be much more cautious and aware of traffic around you, because the reaction space reduced, namely, the consequences can be more dangerous.

This is what could happen in this situation, when the driver of Dodge Dakota¬†“pickup”, during intending to overtake the truck, completely lost sight of that next to him, in the left lane has a car. Fortunately, at the last moment he leave the intention, but lose control of the vehicle, which is made right “pirouette” on the highway, luckily without any consequences!

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