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Driver GTI-s Barely Survived

Driver GTI barely survived

At least one guardian angel was at work, the first of May to the Nürburgring Nordschleife, when the driver VW Golf Mk5 GTI models came out unscathed from the incident …

Amateur rider enjoyed the ride on the legendary track when he misjudged a curve in which he went and tried to beat the high speed. As far as we can see from this video, he tried to put the brakes on when he said that going too fast and thus violated the balance of the car.

The rear of the GTI began to swerve and the right rear wheel was clipped grass, started the slide and the car crashed into a barrier.

The fact that the driver came out unscathed says a lot about his happiness, but also the level of security offered by this car. According to that video is hung, the driver was taken to the hospital only for review, because he had no visible injuries.

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