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Exclusive: Aston Martin Lagonda

A new report from the UK suggests that Aston Martin is working on the upcoming sedan back plate with the name “Lagonda”. Around a month ago, a representative of the Aston Martin has confirmed that the company is working to build the model, but did not specify when it will really get out of the car.

Now Britain’s CAR magazine says the car will be introduced by the end of the year.

It is believed that Aston Martin will return the nickname “Lagonda” for this leading sedan, which will be produced at less than 100 copies.

Power comes from a well-known V12 engine of 5.9 liters and will have around 600 horsepower, while the force transmitted through the eighth level of the automatic gearbox, which will soon be offered in models Rapide and Vanquish.

Partly styling reminiscent of the original “angular” Lagonda of 1970.

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