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Ford Mustang in the harsh winter test

In the test-center car companies “Ford” various models of this manufacturer are placed in the thankless position where they are forced to endure harsh weather conditions. Here’s how it looks testing of one model to -40 degrees.

Ford’s chambers for testing the car in a variety of extreme weather conditions this time hosted model new “Shelby GT350 Mustang.” The goal was to determine how the car behave at a temperature of -40 degrees.

The model is produced as a version for 2016 will be available at the end of next year and will have the strongest engine in its class. It is a V8 engine with “Voodoo” volume of 5.2 liters, which gives 550 horse power at 8000 rpm. But nothing all that power if it “hangs” at low temperature.

If you believe the people who carried out the testing of this Mustang is fully capable of driving and strong minus, in addition to sub-zero temperatures this chamber can simulate wind and storm, temperatures up to +55 degrees, high humidity and other weather conditions.

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