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Gold Digger Asking for SEX Bugatti PRANK!!!

Social experiment: Gold Digger Asking for sex Bugatti PRANK!!!

These pranksters took advantage of the super luxury car that persuaded the girls to have sex in a shocking social experiment.

Have you ever wondered whether having one of the most expensive cars in the world can make you more attractive to women? Two US pranksters Andrey Smygov and Victor G. tried to investigate this by pretending that they are the owners of Bugatti Veyron WORTH $ 1.5 million. Milling around this expensive car they asked the passers would they have sex with them.

All this is of course was recorded with camera, and this duo has successfully used this Bugatti as bait, asking female university students if they would be interested in sleeping with them. This was part of a social experiment.

Its amazing that the five girls who were approached only two refused to have sex with them.

One girl even said, “I love this car,” despite the fact that her friend who was next to her for a few seconds before refused to have sex with these jokers. Another said, “What kind of girl do you think I am,” before succumbing in to the charms of a young Andrey .

One guy even let her girlfriend to Viktor to have a ride in this glamorous car. He said, “This is the car of my dreams.”

Andrey Smygov about this experiment, said his idea came while watching how easy today affect girls,

– We tried this in the context of a student dormitory, and believe me, we were surprised when we realized that the car is enough to take girlfriend in bed – he said

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