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Grand Cherokee SRT By Geiger

If you’re a fan of the tuning world, and especially the period around the year 2000, then you must remember Geiger

When much is not enough, then there are tuners which blend monstrous figures from unexpected vehicles – so the guys from Geiger discovered 708 horsepower from the great Cherokee SRT8!

German company specialized in American cars, especially H2 Hummers. Modifications that are working on these cars are bordering on incredible. V8 engines are received via 600HP and Scissors doors, huge chrome wheels and so on …

Over the years, Geiger is expanding its range and now offer a model for a wider audience. Modifications are no less extreme, but have turned less extreme models, such as the Grand Cherokee.

Tuning style that is applied here in a few years probably fall out of fashion, but it will not be much matter, because the power that this car has, will always be incredible.

They started with the Grand Cherokee SRT model with 6.4 engine, atmospheric HEMI V8 instance, but the Germans thought that 2.9 Compressor missing in the equation. Of course, without the names of the ECU and the change of pistons, Jeep would not be able to increase the power of the original 470hp at even 708 horsepower.

This forces him enough to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h (0 – 60 mph) in 3.9 seconds and hit a top speed of 295 km / h.( 183 mph) Maximum torque of 776 Nm ( 572 lb-ft)will also help.

Of course, all of these forces has resulted in the suspension modifications, as well as heaps of other repairs. All this will cost almost 26 200 $, and that does not count the cost of the car itself.

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