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Grandpa with VW setting new records

If we compare with the times set by supercars resulting 1/4 miles in 9 seconds, we can say is not a successful result, but when it comes to vehicle aged 40 and driver being 70 years old, then it’s a different story.

Richard Hutchinson is a seventy two year old grandpa which seems to have speed in the blood because although he entered the eighth decade of life he does not want to calm down or slow down. He is in the Volkswagen pickup from 1973 and he managed to achieve a top speed of 130 mph.

The engine is borrowed from the Chevrolet, comes with its V8 volume of 7.0 liters, which has enough power to allow this car to a distance of 1/4 miles exceed to the front wheels, in just 9 seconds.

See this grandpa coping behind the wheel of these missiles that despite four decades that has behind, still has the speed to compete with much younger models.

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