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Hellcat maximum power at a minimum rpm

Cars that are under the hood engine,packed with over four liters of displacement always brag about their high torque but none that can not be realized in such a small engine RPMs.

During the test-day organized by the “Dodge” was revealed, despite the fact that their new model “Charger SRT” extremely fast, the engine which located under the hood of this runners offers performance that is rarely encountered in the competition.

Specifically, under the hood of the “Dodge” model is a V8 HEMI Hellcat aggregate volume of 6.2 liters, which has neverotani torque of 410 lb-ft and more at just 1200 rpm. This means that this racing model equally well for himself both on the track and in a normal, city traffic.

Maximum torque of this one “Charger SRT,” which will be on sale as a 2015 model to reach at 4000 rpm, but the incredible power that has a modest 1200 rpm means to respond almost a millisecond of pressing the gas pedal.

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