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Hot Rod of the future

We do not know what to write as an opening statement when this car in question. It left us speechless, and we believe that you will …
Joint Project Jans Slapins and Pawel Wisniewski and inspiration they received after they watched together drag race between a Lamborghini Aventador and Hot Rod, which is based on the Ford, Model A.


The result of that they get some like it, some do not, but it certainly leaves no one indifferent. Developers are trying to convince us that this is a car for four people, and the engine that powered it would be a twin-turbo V8 Chevrolet, with a small block, and the weight distribution would be perfect on both axles 50:50.
In addition to the fantastic looks, even some of the solutions are extraordinary, as are the wheels with integrated brakes and front suspension with racing cars …. Anyway, see for yourself.
and for all others who have not seen the video of drag race between Hot Rods and Lamborghini Aventador we attached the video

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