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Keanu Reeves and His Love Of Motorcycles

The popular actor is the owner of the factory in which creates some of the most beautiful motorcycles in the world …

When we talk about Hollywood actors from A list, Keanu Reeves is one of the most famous and most popular actors. However, although one of the great performers, this man lives in a modest life and tries to be a normal person. Keanu Reeves always rides the public subway every day, not spending a million dollars on nonsense and trying to help all his fans.

However, Keanu Reeves is a crazy two-wheeled enthusiast who has started up his own motorcycle company. That’s why he decided to devote himself to his passion and hobby and begin to create unique motorcycles. His company is named “Motorcycle Arch” and his masterpiece is Method 143. This is a limited edition produced only in 23 units, which means that only lucky people can afford this bike.

Method 143 is made of carbon fibers which makes it incredibly light and strong and therefore it is the ultimate racing motorcycles. As far as design is concerned, this motorcycle is really unusual and difficult to describe it. Clearly, the collision of “oldschool” designs and modern technology is evident, but Arch Motorcycle company has made an effort to make this a “naked” model with a huge front headlight that really looks great.

The motorcycle is powerful and aggressive, and the huge exiting branches and massive tanks only enhance such a look. Underneath the reservoir is a 1400-liter V8 engine, which creates quite a big horsepower numbers and that will allow great driving performance.

Unfortunately, the price information is not available. Only those who will contact this company will be able to find out the price.

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