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Laughing with arrogant drivers

Asshole Parker reaction. The random guys walking by laughing was perfect.

One of the biggest problems when it comes to parking space is of course the lack of available place. It seems like it’s a miracle when the your existing parking lot appears more than one free place. But this do not need be misused like as this driver did.

How many times have you happened to see a car that was parked across the white lines can indicate that each parking space. These drivers occupy two place, because they think they are better than others. Perhaps at this point there are more vacant places in the parking lot but it does not give them the right to behave arrogantly.

This was done by the owner of the car Corvette C6, which took two place in the parking lot in front of a restaurant. How would he pointed to the obvious fault beside him parked the Jeep Cherokee and in a very specific way. Then the owner of that car went inside to the restaurant and the whole situation filmed by phone.

Laughing with arrogant drivers

When the driver of Corvette came, he was confused by what the see. Him even laughing at some of the passers-by, and we’ll add that pranksters could be a very perky and his Jeep parked his closer to the Corvette, might not get inside, but it seems that his goal was just to ridiculing unconscious driver.

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