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Les Légendes de Bugatti – “Black Bess”

The famous French luxury car manufacturer has unveiled another one of its legendary models and we have to admit that this car will leave you breathless.

As part of its series of six parts, entitled “Bugatti Legends” the automaker presented his fifth model, the legendary “Type 18” which is still known as the “Black Bess”. This car was once the fastest car in the world.

This official video shows us how it would be like to be the owner of one of the famous model Bugatti legend, drive him through the winding roads and squeeze the accelerator, which commands the W16 engine with even 8.0 liters.

Only three copies of this model, whose full name of “Black Bess Legend Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse” will be produced and each will cost about two million.

Although the price may seem like a fairly high, but all the previous examples of cars from the legendary show sold out very quickly.

Watch the exclusive launch video

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