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Mazda RX8 successor getting ready for 2017 launch

Mazda RX8, one of the few modern cars, which is more “for life” lived to become a collector’s item, an heir.

Although for almost two years, announces model with Wankel rotary engine, more topical version which will bear the RX-9

In fact, the serial production of the RX-9, which is expected in 2017.

Apparently need to mark half century with Mazda’s rotary engine called Cosmo Sport models.

Although theoretically ingenious technological idea Wankel engine in practice has many drawbacks. It seems that Mazda Experts companies trying so hard to overcome the problems of standard Wankel engine. For now, concentrate on reducing the consumption of fuel and oil as well as to increase the torque without the turbo charger.

What you also can expect full use won SKYACTIV technology, a maximum of 300 horsepower and rear-wheel drive.

Mazda does not deny the possibility of a version with two doors are on an extended platform of the new MX-fifth

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