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McLaren 650S Spider look like the TRANSFORMERS

With the front part of the P1, wide fenders, custom wheels and large rear wing, this black McLaren 650S Spider looks like it will be at any moment turn into worst nightmare.

Located on the S216-ECL Forgiato 2.0 wheelbarrow, this car is definitely made up by or for someone who thought the 650S Spider could benefit from a far more aggressive look that we now see.

This model also has a right Batmobile vibration also, with its black tone, both outside and inside, and there is also the fact that the model works really low, so that almost scraping the ground.

All that aside, we are not sure how the modification of performance car received judging by its wide body and large tail wing. Everything we know about this model is that in its factory form it is already one of the fastest convertible cars in the world.

With 650 hp and 500 lb ft available, this car reaches a 60 mph from the standby state in three seconds, before it accelerates to a maximum of 205 mph.

Either way, this is certainly one of the most sinister McLaren models that we have seen, and we consider this a compliment.

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