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McLaren prepares a mysterious 2 +2 for the 2020th year

McLaren will be in the near future to fill up their offer a range of new models, in addition to the already announced Q15 and Q16, the company is also working on 2 +2 sports car that will “change the rules of the game ‘. All will begin as early as next year, when should they occur P13 coupe and 650 GTS.

A year later, the daylight sight of the P13 Spider recently announced the P1 GTR.

2017th year is reserved for the P16 coupe, which should serve as a replacement for the 650S. Although it will be faster than the models that replaces, will be equipped with semi-active suspension and the various technologies that will make it more environmentally friendly.

2018th year come after P16 and P13 Spider GTS, then we can expect a refreshed P13, P16 and P15 GTS, which will most likely occur in 2019.

Latter will be a high-performance two-seater is equipped with a centrally placed engine and monocoque chassis of carbon fiber, and could also have a hybrid powertrain.

Finally, back in the 2020th year should appear and the famous 2 +2 about where to now there is no official information, but there are indications that it will be based on the P16.

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