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More praise for the BMW M4

If you judge by the tone of leaders, it would look like he has a difficult job that falls …

However, a detailed story about all the details that you prefer in this car, appearance, strength, interior design, efficiency, but somehow lacks enthusiasm in their words.

The only reason that we can find that something is “boring” sound of the V8 engine model that replaced.

M4 is a technical achievement that deserves all the praise, but according to this video, and others, suffers from some problems that has most modern cars, and that is that when designing too went in the direction to appeal to everyone and therefore somewhat lost charm.

The conclusion is that this car looks like the M4, but it would be much easier to fall in love with E90/E92 M3 models, which will probably in 10 years with a set look and wonder where things are headed in the right way …

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