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Nissan GT-R, NISMO on track

Nissan GT-R, NISMO of 591hp is the fastest, most powerful production GT-R has ever made …

With an initial price than the 125,000 pounds in the UK, it is also the most expensive.

Car driver Steve Sutcliffe he wanted to see himself as the GT-R behaves on the road and on the track, with respect to one of the main attributes of the standard GT-R models is quite usable as an everyday car.

According to Sutcliffe, this version of the car is too rigid that you can use as a car for every day.

Although it would not be recommended as an option for going to work, points out that the management of the ideal and the track behaves remarkably.

On the track Cadwell Park, Nissan GT-R, NISMO are felt at home. Sutcliffe says he can not imagine a car that would have been faster on this track of this model, and it speaks volumes about the kind of car in question.

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