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OMG! One of the WORST CRASHES Ever Filmed

Jerry was Injured but made a full recovery

He is currently racing a bad ass Turbo Vette Pro Mod

Here’s the caption straight from the video itself, reiterating the claim.

“We do not usually post videos where drivers were injured but Jerry Yeoman is a longtime friend on Urban Hillbilly Videos and gave us his blessing to share his horrific ride.” –

Jerry Yeoman’s horrible barrel roll crash from Wichita International Raceway while racing Jim Wiens in the Pro Mod final of the Wichita Summer Nationals. Jerry’s naturally aspirated Pontiac took a hard left turn at the 1/8 mile stripe sending it over the guard rail where it exploded and rolled 12-14 times before coming to a stop at the 1/4 mile. Jerry suffered some pretty serious injury’s but made a full recovery. He is now driving an absolutely beautiful ’59 Turbo Corvette Pro Mod.


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