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OMG! Pontiac cleaned everything in sight

Pontiac cleaned everything in sight Crazy luck has preserved passersby on the street when the old Pontiac in the Russian city of Kaliningrad after the accident lost control of the wheel! See  for yourself…………

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Viper on Viper CRIME!

OMG! Viper on Viper CRIME! Battle of the 2014 SRT Vipers between Modded Viper 2014 and Stock Viper 2014 It’s pretty amazing how much these cars really wake up after few mods. See for yourself and enjoy in video below

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Is this the new Mustang?

Ford has released a mysterious teaser video, the first of five, which should, presumably to announce the return of the legendary Mustang Shelby GT 350 models … The presentation will be on the 17th of November, a day before the fair …

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