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Pontiac GTO for chopping wood – Only in America

Preparing for the winter involves splitting firewood. If you hate to spend all day with an ax in the hands here are cars that can for you to break pieces of wood.

Pontiac is a car manufacturer which is very famous in our country,but after you see this video, you would have to find a completely different use and increase its presence among the local “hosts”.
Model “GTO” is in many ways a special but like this thing is not yet seeing.

With the help of a device called “Stickler”, which literally meant someone who is fussy and a stickler, you’ll be able to tear firewood effortlessly. All you need to do is to mount this thing on, the rear wheel Pontiac and to add splitting.

How to claimed the manufacturer, you can make a storage depot wood sufficient for two months and will use fuel as you need to mow the lawn. The machine can be stopped on the remote so that there is no need to enter the car to extinguish it. Really interesting way to make use of a V8 engine with 400 horsepower.

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