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The Revived Ford GT will get 600 hp

Supercar will be released in a series of 1200 pieces

Ford company confirmed that it will revive its supercar GT. According to the newspaper Carscoops car will be shown at the Detroit Motor Show in January, and not as a concept, and the serial version.

Like its predecessor, which was produced in a series of 4038 pieces and the new Ford GT will come with small units. It is expected that the model to be assembled only 1,200 units, the company has already begun to receive requests from customers.

Supercar will retain body with 2 doors in the middle of the chassis and engine drive to the rear wheels.

It will rely on the new V6 engine family EcoBoost, whose power will be around 600 hp

With the production of GT, which will be conducted in 2016 model year, Ford will celebrate the half-century anniversary of the victory of the classic GT40 in “24 Hours of Le Mans.”

This car won the legendary endurance race in four consecutive years – from 1966 to 1969 inclusive.

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