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Michael Schumacher’s medical records stolen

Medical records sevenfold champion of Formula 1, Michael Schumacher’s were stolen, and were reportedly offered for sale through the “dark tunnel” internet.

Schumacher is, as is well known, recently awakened from a medically induced coma after a serious injury to the skull, which he earned during skiing in December.

News about the theft came from the British Daily Mail, which quoted Schumacher’s manageress Sabina Chem.

Apparently, the documents are open for sale “a few days”. She added that one can not accurately determine the authenticity of the findings. However, what is fact is that were stolen.

The theft was reported, and authorities were involved in the whole case. Kem also promised swift legal action against the thief / sellers, or anyone who buys or publish private information.

It is not known whether there were stolen from a hospital in Grenoble where Schumacher treated, from a rehabilitation center in Lausanne, where he transported week ago, or some other place.

The Daily Mail also contends, contrary to some reports, the Schumacher unable to move and speak, and to enter and leave the coma condition, although it says it is communicated nodding.

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