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SKYLINE and the Nürburgring

Over the years, the Nurburgring has took the several lives, destroyed countless cars, but is also made some of the best drivers of all time …

To reduce the number of accidents, officials paths have tried to limit the speed of movement on it last year, but some time ago this prohibitions withdrawn. This allowed manufacturers to rent the track and test the performance of their cars, but also amateurs to again get the most out of their pets.


However, a fine line between entertainment on the track and that it is over infamously, as a driver of Nissan Skyline R34, which has experienced. He lost control on one of the curves, and the rest you can see for yourself. With the grass under the wheels, the car plowed into a barrier, which stopped him, but not with a small price.

According to the force of impact that you can see in the video, it seems that no one was injured, but it seems that the Japanese sports car need a lot of repairs to restore the old glory. The accident occurred at the weekend, on 3 April.

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