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Sound and vision – McLaren P1

If you are like me,  when  you watch the test car, where leaders are talking about more than his impression of the car, then this video is right for you … 

The video is about the model McLaren P1 in full HD, on track Francocrhamps Spa in Belgium and the video goes without any distractions for you while listening and watching how it behaves on the track.

You will have the opportunity to view and adjustable suspension, as well as some other power accessories that are shifted to the car.

It is a great pleasure to watch P1 cornering, and when it comes to sound, we have a feeling that little “tamer” sound than rivals from Ferrari and Porsche. P1 sounds like it’s in the game, such as a current 4.4 V8 in the M5 and M6 models.

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