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Is Porsche roadster has finally matured to be able to enter into a serious story aboutDSC2746 “race” sports car?


To be honest, the Porsche Boxster is one of those cars that to me is never “clicked”, since the first “choir” when he appeared on the scene. No, not that I’m a little too conservative and that he never gave a chance, because I did! Simply, I never got anything in particular attracted, or its appearance, as if a computer generated for one afternoon, without any kind of emotion can only be met by Italian designers, or some specific technical solutions that dream and wish of most cars that you ride …


I admit, I’m not a fan of roadsters and convertibles, at least when it comes to sports “machine” as Porsche products. Why? Well, first, “the wind in your hair,” I kind of do not go “hand in hand” with the sporty driving, when you are all available senses focused on the synergy of the car, the road and you dancing feet on pedals and hands on the steering wheel and shift knob!“Open skies” is somewhat calmer for cars, for more relaxed driving, the exotic landscapes\


Second, looking at the technical side, the car “homeless” is by no means an ideal solution for any athletic performance. Twisting of the chassis and “breathing” the body is more than a natural consequence of the “cut-off” roof and much “kills” any positive driving feel. Even If the reinforcement of this phenomenon is reduced to a minimum, the result is often devastating for drive ability, because the extra weight of the car is the “tank” and then back at the beginning of the problem.

DSC4499 DSC4559

However, I must admit that I was somewhat touched … The appearance of the new roadster, the Porsche this time left a much better impression than before. And, in every way!Automobile seems to have grown up, become more serious, as “male” instead of “childhood”, if I may express myself. seems like it’s a third-generation Boxster ideal symbiosis bit already forgotten the infamous Carrera GT and the new, fascinating to me, super car from Stuttgart, the model 918 Spyder.


Headlights reminiscent of the 918 and looks much more aggressive than the current solution, while large side air intakes and central exhaust only reinforce this impression. In Porsche are very proud of the fact that the new model by about 30 pounds (depending on the equipment ) lighter than its predecessor. significantly contribute to the fact that the doors, hood and tailgate are made ​​of aluminum and the frame assemble roof (opens or closes in about 9 seconds), made ​​of ultralight magnesium, 12 pounds lighter than before

Impressive, yes, but it sounds more impressive is the fact that the overall torsional rigidity increased by 40%, which is to say that the sporty driving, twisting and “breathing” should be a thing of the past. Hmm, let’s see … because one is when one read the script, and the other is when you see a movie that was made ​​for him!

Although the interior is practically new, at least when it comes Boxster, all seems vaguely familiar, in a good way, of course! As with most models from Stuttgart, and the Boxster has a new, high center console of the gear lever and a number of buttons for adjusting various parameters of the car. material quality has improved over its predecessor, just like the finish, and is almost unnecessary to look for anything more at this price point.

The seating position is in typical Porsche style, which is to say, sit down to a low, comfortable and everything was kind of close at hand. significantly contribute to the new seats, which are “borrowed” from a “911-ice”, which provide exemplary comfort and at longer distances, with really good lateral support if you choose to include in the Boxster  serious “action story” …


The car may be a bit lost on his agility, but at the same time become more obedient and peaceful, and offers much, much more confidence when driving “on the border”. Moreover, the basic “911” in comparison. The reason for this transformation lies largely in the fact that the platform on which the new Boxster different proportions, the wheelbase has been increased by 60 mm, reducing the “nervousness” that characterized its predecessor, while at the same time reduced overhangs front and rear.
In addition, as the icing on the cake came in the fact that the track of the front wheels is now 40 mm wider, which not only means a much higher degree of adherence, but also contributes significantly better feel when the “attack” on the curve, which is no longer necessary to drastically reduce speed and balance the car on the verge of adhesion and 18 mm wider rear track provide that it is now possible before “soak gas”, letting the Boxster in a light, controlled oversteer.

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