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The first Lamborghini Countach sold for millions

Lamborghini Countach is so radical and distinctive that it is unbelievable that the first models do not cost a few million, but it seems that prices are already moving in that direction, and the first proof of that is this item in Tahiti blue, made in 1976 …

Was sold at auction at Bonham for 1.21 million dollars, making it the most expensive specimen of this model ever.

One of the first 150 copies that have emerged with unique mirrors in the form of a periscope for which they received the nickname Periscope, and this is one of the additional reasons why this car has reached this price.

Mileage on the clock is 16,500 kilometers, and in the collection of the former owner was the 1978th ​​year, and originally sold sir from the Swiss, and by all reports and photographs is in perfect condition. Noticeable traces of use, but with a new color, it now looks like it is new.

The only drawback are tachometar and dial mileage that currently do not work. An interesting explanation is that it comes from the Italian car from the 70 years, which is sufficient explanation in itself.

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