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The glossy Pontiac from the 70’s

New cars may have a ton of horsepower under the hood and a bunch of modern accessories that make it easier to ride, but models from the 70’s of the last century are the ones who continue to represent the epitome of “muscular” cars.

The glossy, and there are not thinking of color, very rare model, the Pontiac “Firebird” from 1970 in black, will be auctioned at Mecum’s Chicago , Oct. 9

Unfortunately it is not known the exact number of horsepower that this “muscular guy” carries with it, as well as its maximum torque, but with a massive V8 engine that has two “Bullseye” turbocharger, power and strength he certainly does not lack.

The powerful engine is paired with “Rockland Tranzilla T56 ‘six-speed gearbox and a manual double-clutch.

Among other changes, there are new disc brakes, new seats and modified rear spoiler.

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