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The INCIDENT is solved With GUN

An interesting incident occurred in Florida when a group of bikers stopped, and the driver of BMW E28 5 Series, as they moved at Courtney Campbell Causeway road, near Tampa …

We do not know whether something happened before the incident, but the tape with a helmet that is on YouTube, which is upload from an user who claims he was not involved in the entire event, you can watch on the 30 seconds that the driver of BMW occupies two lanes, and one of motorcyclist trying to overtake him.


A driver catches up the motorcyclist at traffic lights and a few minutes later he oppose them, shouting and trying to stop them to not move. You can see that the rear view mirror of BMW was hit, but also motorcyclist who try to leave without major problems.

At the end comes to a fight, while a woman from the passenger side took out her gun.

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