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The Safest Cars of Summer 2019 – Tesla Model 3 Gets the Highest Record in Testing

The independent European organization, Euro NCAP, has carried out crash tests on 6 new models that have just been on the market. Among them was the Tesla Model 3, which, in addition to getting the maximum score, gets the highest record in testing. Out of 6 tested machines, 4 earned five stars, the other two – 4 (versions with standard equipment) and 5 for those with an additional security package.

Tesla Model 3

The electric vehicle, Tesla gets 96 percent to protect the driver and adult passengers in the vehicle, 86% for Child Protection and 74% for pedestrian protection. The operation of electronic systems is estimated at 93%, with the machine running smoothly with all the tests, including a side impact imitation in a pole. Experts claim only to driver protection in a side collision but noted the high protection of children. For pedestrians, the side-rails of Model 3 are the most dangerous.

Skoda Ssala

The new hatchback of the Czech manufacturer receives 97% of car protection for adults, 87% for child protection and 81% for pedestrian protection. Electronic assistants of Scala are estimated to be 76%, a as experts of Euro NCAP only claim to the speed control function. However, the Czech model also gets 5 stars.

Mercedes-Benz GLE

The safety of adults is 91% and the children 90%. For pedestrians, the result is 78%, so are the electronic security systems of the model. The verifier’s claims in this model are to protect the driver from a side impact as well as that of a child in the rear seats in a frontal collision. The model, however, has received praise for the work of additional electronic assistants, with the exception of the lane-support function.

Mercedes-Benz B-Class

Also, 5 stars are excellent and for the second car of the Mercedes, which has been tested. Protection of the driver and adults in the car is 96%, the children 90% and the pedestrians 78%. The result of the auxiliary electronic systems is lower – 76%. Experts note poor passenger protection for the driver in a side impact as well as the low performance of the lane-support system.

KIA Ceed

In its standard version, the Korean model fails to get the maximum 5 stars and only gets 4. Therefore, the version with an additional safety package, which protects the driver and the passengers is 88% and the children 85%. Pedestrian protection is 68% and the work of electronic assistants is estimated at 73%. And here, as with the Mercedes-Benz GLE, there is a problem with protecting the driver from a side impact with a pole, which is precisely on this indicator that Ceed receives the worst score of all checked. There is also a danger of passenger injuries from behind in frontal collision.

DS 3 Crossback

The French crossover has also stayed with 4-star in tests with the basic equipment version, but when adding a security package it gets the most. Adult protection is rated as highest – 96%, while children receive 86%. The work of the electronic system was assessed by Euro NCAP at 76%. The greatest danger to pedestrians (64% safety) is the lower parts of the windscreen in the area of the front stands.

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