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This General Lee Clone Car Had A Terrible Destiny!

Whenever we are in the street, the car can catch our attention. It does not matter whether the car is old or new, that’s a miracle for all of us. However, there are cars that are worth more than others. This is certainly a fact with legendary car General Lee, which is depicted in Dukes Of Hazzard. The movie we enjoyed watching is unforgettable for its great scenes and cars. Although it was very normal that hundreds of such cars were destroyed during the shooting, things have changed today. That is why we feel so sad as soon as we see this general cloned car in a terrible state. Arriving through this car is a rare occurrence, but a look at the crashed car is an absolute horror.

general lee clone car 1

Yeah, that’s exactly what happened on Highway 102 in Nova Scotia. The 45-year-old driver crashed his bright orange car clone of General Lee in the embankment, as it was stated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The driver has suffered less injury and although he will be fine, he can not say the same about his car. It’s a real shame to see this awesome classic car in such a state, absolutely devastated. These terrible cloned cars were manufactured from 1968 to 1969. Dodge painted them in bright orange and painted door numbers. It was the appearance of a beautiful cloned car, the cars that many adore to date. Although there were several thousand cars in those days, the situation is drastically changing. It’s getting harder to see one, let alone buy it.

general lee clone car 2

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