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This Is What Happens When You Shift Into REVERSE At 70 Mph

Find out what will happen if you put your car (transmission) in reverse while driving …

Have you ever thought that bad things could happen to your car when you make a fatal mistake? You can ask what do you call a fatal mistake and for that I will mention some of them. For example, by pulling up an auto parking button while driving or throwing out the window the smart key your car has while driving, etc. For all these problems, the guy from the YouTube channel “AutoVlog” has all the answers and solutions for you.

This guy tested his car with a really dangerous stunt. He wants to see what will happen to it if he accidentally shifts into reverse while driving at 70 mph. Have you ever thought about this?

Let’s be honest – never try to put your own car into reverse while driving. Because you know that if you tried, it would cause the transmission to explode or something like that. So Instead, you end up constantly wondering…

The clip showed what happened when a driver shifted the transmission of a 2015 Ford Fusion into reverse at speeds of 70 miles per hour, and the answer turned out to be unsatisfactory.

What do you think might happen? Check out the video we brought for you and find the answers you want for any question you have when it comes to this situation. Share this video with your friends and enjoy it!

Source: AutoVlog


  1. You had a car behind you and you thought the transmission would explode. How stupid. Why would you put that family of 5 in a situation that could have killed all 5 of them? You don’t have the sense to do your stupid tests on a closed course? Stupid!

  2. I did this in my 1973 k10 chevy 4×4 350 th350 it barked my 35 inch bfgs and turned my motor off and that was with the gas petal floored I was doing the cheech and chong 1st gear 2nd gear an oops rev didn’t break a thing started back up no problem but I know of a friend who did it in a crown vic and that car hasn’t moved on its own power since

  3. Had a ’72 Vega 4 speed. Tried doing a burn out on a steel grate bridge. Really quick way to grenade a tranny ! ( I was 18, nothing better to do !

  4. The planetary gears inside your transaxle are moving too fast in One Direction it cannot shift into the opposite direction because your vehicle has to be at a certain rpm in order to engage. Just like your manual transmission cannot be shifted from 5th gear all the way into first without breaking gears because they have to have certain RPM to shift smoothly. Thanks to great engineering.

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