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What to choose: DeTomaso Pantera or SEMA showstopper

DeTomaso Pantera of 1970.’s Car that everybody knows, can you explain what it looks like, most will know that there is a Ford V8 and it has Italian roots, but few could have increased the transit …

Matt Farah at the beginning of the video explains what is expected of the Panthers, and the like, and we would expect.

However, he found that the Panther, if the quality reconstruction, in some places, and improve, the car really enjoyable.

Classic that should not sit in the garage and it is for show, but on the road.

The car that you see has been completely renovated, and special attention was paid to the interior, you’ll be able to yourself that you encounter.

The second car in the video is the Panther from the same period, except that this could not be saved.

Demanded too much work and in the end it was easier to make new body parts, which are done identically to the original, but also the interior was done by none other but the manufacturer sneakers – Nike.

Ringbrothers were made in this project to create a modern Pantera and the yellow car is the result.

The changes are extensive and the only part of the car that is in complete original roof.

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